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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The Court has decided several cases since I last wrote here. Rather than detail them one by one, here is a handy chart to show you that I am doing pretty well so far at predicting the outcomes. Of course, if I recall correctly, I did pretty well at the beginning of the last term too, before a nasty slide in the last half of the year.

Ted's Predictions
Date ArguedCasePredictionResult
Oct. 7No. 02-628 Frew v. HawkinsREVERSEREVERSE
Oct. 7No. 220129 Virginia v. MarylandVirginiaVirginia
Oct. 8No. 02-658 Alaska DEC v. EPAAFFIRM Not decided yet
Oct. 8No. 02-7498 Raytheon v. HernandezREVERSEREVERSE
Oct. 14No. 02-763 Barnhart v. ThomasREVERSEREVERSE
Oct. 14No. 02-682 Verizon v. TrinkoREVERSEREVERSE
Oct. 15No. 02-473 U.S. v. BanksREVERSEREVERSE
Oct. 15No. No. 02-6683 Castro v. U.S.AFFIRMVACATED
Nov. 3No. 02-819 Kontrick v. RyanAFFIRMAFFIRM
Nov. 3No. 02-802 Maryland v. Pringle--REVERSE
Nov. 4No. 02-811 Groh v. RamirezREVERSE Not decided yet
Nov. 4No. 02-1196 SEC v. EdwardsREVERSEREVERSE
Nov. 5No. 02-1060 Illinois v. LidsterAFFIRMREVERSE
Nov. 10No. 02-693 Lamie v. United States TrusteeREVERSE Not decided yet.
Nov. 10No. 02-9410 Crawford v. WashingtonREVERSE Not decided yet.
Nov. 12No. 02-1080 General Dynamics Land Systems, Inc., v. ClineAFFIRM Not decided yet.
Nov. 12No. 02-1348 Olympic Airways v. HusainAFFIRM Not decided yet.

Total Correct: 8 Total Incorrect: 2