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Friday, April 25, 2003
Notebooks now allowed at oral argument

This may be the first place to report that the Supreme Court now allows those attending oral arguments to bring in a notebook and pen. I do not know when this policy started, but it was sometime between the arguments in Clay v. United States and Nike v. Kasky. Before this new policy, visitors were not allowed to bring in any paper or writing material. Only those in the seats reserved for the press could take notes.

When the security guard told us that notebooks were allowed, Liz, one of my co-workers at Goldstein Howe let me borrow her notebook, and I took notes on the argument. Unfortunately, I gave the notebook back after oral argument but neglected to retrieve my notes, so I cannot give the extended report on the oral arguments that I would like. The short version is: I think I was correct on both predictions. Nike will win and the insurance companies will lose.