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Tuesday, October 15, 2002
I love getting news third hand.

While checking to make sure that I am reporting Sam Heldman's predictions correctly, I learned that Howard Bashman and Goldstein Howe had already reported that the Court today dismissed Ford Motor Co. v. McCauley as improvidently granted. Since I have only in the last six months or so learned about cases being "DIGed," I am not sure how to score this. After all, I predicted that it would be dismissed, but for lack of jurisdiction, not because "improvidently granted." Heldman has decided this is neither a win nor a loss. I will agree to that for now, but I'll do more research. Of course, faithful readers (as if there are any of those) might recall that my prediction that this case would be dismissed was itself tenative pending further research. This post is therefore at least likely to be the final word.