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Wednesday, October 02, 2002
For my own information, in the Supreme Court prediction contest with Sam Heldman here is how the predictions look so far:

Monday, Oct. 7
Yellow Transp. v. MichiganREVERSEREVERSE
Ford Motor Co. v. McCauleyDISMISSREVERSE
Tuesday, Oct. 8
FCC v. Nextwave CommunicationsREVERSEAFFIRM
Barnhart v. Peabody Coal Co.REVERSEREVERSE
Wednesday, Oct. 9
Eldred v. AshcroftREVERSEAFFIRM
Howsam v. Dean Witter ReynoldsREVERSEREVERSE

Doesn't look like a good week for respondents--at least not by my predictions. I did think that the court would affirm the Ford case if it does not dismiss for lack of appellate jurisdiction. I should point out that I have more confidence in our federal courts of appeal than these predictions would otherwise indicate.